Ali Ibn Ahmad Ibn Hazm Al-Andalusi writes:

وللأب أن يزوج ابنته الصغيرة البكر ما لم تبلغ بغير إذنها ولا خيار لها إذا بلغت فإن كانت ثيبا من زوج مات عنها أو طلقها لم يجز للأب ولا لغيره أن يزوجها حتى تبلغ ولا إذن لهما قبل أن تبلغ وإذا بلغت البكر والثيب لم يجز للأب ولا لغيره أن يوزجها إلا بإذنها فإن وقع فهو مفسوخ أبدا فأما الثيب فتنكح من شاءت وإن كره الأب وأما البكر فلا يجوز لها نكاح إلا باجتماع إذنها وإذن أبيها

,,The father may marry his minor virgin daughter without her consent, as long as she did not reach the legal age and when she reaches the legal age, she has no other choice. But if she was touched by a husband, who died to her, or divorced her, then neither the father nor anyone else may marry her, until she reaches the legal age and the two are not left with any consent until she reaches the legal age.When the non virgin and the virgin reached the legal age, then neither their father nor anyone else is allowed to marry them except with their consent and should it happen, it is always invalid. As for the virgin, she marries whomever she wishes, even if it is not agreeable to her father and as for the non virgin, she is not allowed to marry except with the consent of her and the consent of her father.” [Al-Muhalla, page 1600]

الحجة في إجازة إنكاح الأب ابنته الصغيرة البكر إنكاح أبي بكر النبي من عائشة رضي الله عنها وهي بنت ست سنين وهذا أمر مشهور غني عن إيراد الإسناد فيه فمن ادعى أنه مخصوص لم يلتفت لقوله لقول الله عز وجل لقد كان لكم في رسول الله أسوة حسنة لمن كان يرجو الله واليوم الآخر فكل ما فعله عليه الصلاة والسلام فلنا أن نتأسى به فيه إلا أن يأتي نص بأنه له خصوص

,,The proof for that, that the father may marry his minor virgin daughter, is the marriage of Abu Bakr of A’ishah to the Prophet (s.), when she was six years old and this is such a famous matter, that it is not even necessary to provide a chain for it. Now whoever should claim that this is a special case, pay no attention to him because of the statement of God: ﴾You have in the Messenger of God a beautiful example for the one who hopes in God and the Last Day.﴿ (33:21) So we imitate everything, he did, except for that, about which there is a prescription, that it is a special case for him.” [Al-Muhalla, page 1600]

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