According to Sadiq Ash-Shirazi’s brother, are we allowed to the disobey scholars?


Muhammad Ash-Shirazi writes:

لا يجوز الرد على المراجع الذين هم نواب الأئمة عليهم السلام فالراد عليهم كالراد على الأئمة عليهم السلام وهو على حد الكفر بالله سبحانه وتعالى كما في النص

“It is not permitted to dissagree with the examples of imitation (Marja’), who are the representatives of the Imams (a.), because to dissagree with them is like dissagreeing with the Imams (a.) and that is as mentioned, on the border of disbelief in God.” [Kitab-ul-Muharramat, page 159]

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