Muhammad Al-Hurr Al-Amili writes:
وإن الحسن بن خالد البرقي أخا محمد بن خالد روى تفسير العسكري صلوات الله عليه من إملاء الإمام صلوات الله عليه مأة وعشرين مجلدة ذكره ابن شهر آشوب وغيره
“Hasan Ibn Khalid Al-Barqi, who is the brother of Muhammad Ibn Khalid Al-Barqi, transmitted Tafsir-ul-Askari by the dictation of the Imam (a.) and with a size of 120 volumes. This was documented by Ibn Shahr Ashub and others.” [Al-Fawa’id-ut-Tusiyyah, page 263]
Thus, today only 0.83% of the former works is available to us

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