Prophet Muhammad divides the arabs by insulting their idols

Fadl Ibn Hasan reported that Abdullah Ibn Abbas said:“A group of the Quraish gathered at the Ka’bah. These were Utbah and Shaibah, the sons of Rabi’ah, Abu Sufyan, the son of Harb, Aswad, the son of Muttalib, Zam’ah, the son of Aswad, Walid, the son of Mughirah, Abu Jahl, the son of Hashim, Abdullah the son of Umayyah, Umayyah the son of Khalaf, As the son of Wa’il and Nabih and Munabbih the sons of Hajjaj, Nadr the son of Harith and Abu l-Bakhtari the son of Hashim. They said to each other: “Let them send for Muhammad. Talk and argue with him.” Then they sent for him: “The nobles of your people have gathered for you.” Then he rushed to them in the assumption that they had come to their senses about his cause and sought their guidance. So they sat down with him and said: “O Muhammad! we called upon you to make our apologies to you. So we know of no people who introduced to their people what you introduced to your people. You reviled the gods, rebuked religion, declared reason to be folly, and divided society. If you came to seek wealth, we give it to you. If you seek prestige, we appoint you as our ruler. If there is a disease that overwhelmed you, we ask for doctors for you.” Then the prophet (s.) said: “It is none of these things, but i was sent to you by God as a messenger, and He sent down a scripture. If you accept what i came with, then it is your happiness in this world and the next, and if you reject it, then i will wait until God judges between us. They said: “But if no one is more oppressed on land than we are. So ask your Lord to level these mountains, to make flow for us rivers like the rivers of the Levant and Iraq, and to raise up him who has passed away, so that there may be Qusai among them, for he is a sincere elder. Then we should question him about whether what you say is true or false.” Then he said: “I was not sent for this purpose.They said: If you do not do this, then ask your Lord to send an angel to authenticate you and make for us paradises, treasures and palaces of gold.” Then he said: “I was not sent for that. I have come to you with what God sent me with. Either you accept or He judges between me and you.” They said: “Then let the heavens fall down on us, as you said, that if your Lord wills, He will.” He said: “This is left to God. If He wills, He will do it.” One of them said: “We will not believe you until you bring God and the angels before us.” (17:92) Then the Prophet (s.) stood up and with him stood Abdullah Al-Makhzumi, the son of Umayyah and son of his aunt Atikah, the daughter of Abd-ul-Muttalib. Then he said: “O Muhammad! your people offered you what they offered, but you did not accept it. Then they asked you for things for themselves, but you did not. Then they asked you to speed up what you were scaring them with, but you did not. By God, i will never believe in you until you take a ladder up to heaven, (6:35) upon which you climb, while i watch and a host of angels come with you to bear witness for you and a scripture to bear witness for you.” (17:93) Abu Jahl said: “He refuses to do anything except the revilement of the gods and revilement of the fathers, and i swear to God that i will certainly take a stone with me. Then when he prostrates himself, i will smash his head with it. Then the messenger of God (s.) went away sad about what he had seen of his people. Then God sent down the verses.” [Bihar-ul-Anwar of Al-Majlisi, Volume 9, pages 211 – 212]
الفضل بن الحسن عن عبد الله بن عباس قال: إن جماعة من قريش وهم عتبة وشيبة ابنا ربيعة وأبو سفيان بن الحرب والأسود بن المطلب وزمعة بن الأسود والوليد بن المغيرة وأبو جهل بن هشام وعبد الله بن أمية وأمية بن خلف والعاص بن وائل وبنيه ومنبه ابنا الحجاج والنضر بن الحارث وأبو البختري بن هشام اجتمعوا عند الكعبة، وقال بعضهم لبعض ابعثوا إلى محمد وكلموه وخاصموه فبعثوا إليه أن أشراف قومك قد اجتمعوا لك فبادر عليه وآله صلوات الله وسلامه إليهم ظنا منه أنه بدا لهم من أمره وكان حريصا على رشدهم فجلس إليهم فقالوايا محمد إنا دعوناك لنعتذر إليك فلا نعلم قوما أدخل على قومه ما أدخلت على قومك، شتمت الآلهة، وعبت الدين، وسفهت الأحلام، وفرقت الجماعة، فإن كنت جئت بهذا لتطلب مالا أعطيناك، وإن كنت تطلب الشرف سودناك علينا، وإن كانت علة غلبت عليك طلبنا لك الأطباءفقال صلى الله عليه وآلهليس شئ من ذلك، بل بعثني الله إليكم رسولا وأنزل كتابا فإن قبلتم ما جئت به فهو حظكم في الدنيا والآخرة، وإن تردوه أصبر حتى يحكم الله بيننا، قالوافإذا ليس أحد أضيق بلدا منا، فاسأل ربك أن يسير هذه الجبال ويجري لنا أنهارا كأنهار الشام والعراق، وأن يبعث لنا من مضى، وليكن فيهم قصي فإنه شيخ صدوق لنسألهم عما تقول أحق أم باطل فقالما بهذا بعثت، قالوا: فإن لم تفعل ذلك فاسأل ربك أن يبعث ملكا يصدقك، ويجعل لنا جنات وكنوزا وقصورا من ذهب، فقالما بهذا بعثت وقد جئتكم بما بعثني الله تعالى به فإن قبلتم وإلا فهو يحكم بيني وبينكم، قالوا فأسقط علينا السماء كما زعمت أن ربك إن شاء فعل ذلك، قالذاك إلى الله إن شاء فعل، وقال قائل منهملا نؤمن لك حتى تأتي بالله والملائكة قبيلا، فقام النبي صلى الله عليه وآله وقام معه عبد الله بن أمية المخزومي ابن عمته عاتكة بنت عبد المطلب فقاليا محمد صلى الله عليه وآله عرض عليك قومك ما عرضوا فلم تقبله، ثم سألوك لأنفسهم أمورا فلم تفعل، ثم سألوك أن تعجل ما تخوفهم به فلم تفعل، فوالله لا أؤمن بك أبدا حتى تتخذ سلما إلى السماء ثم ترقى فيه وأنا أنظر، وتأتي معك نفر من الملائكة يشهدون لك وكتاب يشهد لكوقال أبو جهل: إنه أبى إلا سب الآلهة وشتم الآباء، وإني أعاهد الله لأحملن حجرا فإذا سجد ضربت به رأسه، فانصرف رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله حزينا لما رأى من قومه فأنزل الله سبحانه الآيات

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