If We had willed, We would have made every soul infallible [32:13]

Ali Ibn Ibrahim Al-Qumi writes:

وقوله قل يتوفاكم ملك الموت الذي وكل بكم فإنه حدثني أبي عن ابن أبي عمير عن هشام عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله: لما أسري بي إلى السماء رأيت ملكا من الملائكة بيده لوح من نور لا يلتفت يمينا ولا شمالا مقبلا عليه كهيئة الحزين، فقلت من هذا يا جبرئيل؟ فقال: هذا ملك الموت مشغول في قبض الأرواح فقلت أدنيني منه يا جبرئيل لأكلمه، فأدناني منه فقلت له يا ملك الموت أكل من مات أو هو ميت فيما بعد أنت تقبض روحه

“Concerning His statement ﴾Say: you will be made to die by the angel of death, who has been appointed over you.﴿ (32:11) my father narrated to me from Ibn Abi Umair who narrated from Hisham who narrated from Abu Abdillah (a.) that God’s Messenger (s. ) said: ﴾When I was made to travel to heaven by night, I saw one of the angels holding a tablet of light in his hand, turning neither to the right nor to the left and turning towards it as if of a sad shape. ﴿ Then I said: ﴾Who is this, O Gabriel?﴿ He said: ﴾This is the angel of death, who is busy taking the spirits to himself.﴿ Then I said: ﴾Bring me near to him, O Gabriel, that I may speak with him.﴿ Thereupon he brought me near to him. Then I said: ﴾O angel of death, do you take to yourself the spirit of anyone who has died or is dying?﴿”

قال نعم قلت وتحضرهم بنفسك؟ قال نعم وما الدنيا كلها عندي فيما سخرها الله لي ومكنني منها إلا كالدرهم في كف الرجل يقلبه كيف يشاء وما من دار في الدنيا إلا وأدخلها في كل يوم خمس مرات وأقول إذا بكى أهل البيت على ميتهم لا تبكوا عليه فان لي إليكم عودة وعودة حتى لا يبقى منكم أحد، فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله كفى بالموت طامة يا جبرئيل! فقال جبرئيل إنما بعد الموت أطم وأعظم من الموت. وقوله ولو شئنا لآتينا كل نفس هداها قال لو شئنا أن نجعلهم كلهم معصومين لقدرنا وقوله فذوقوا بما نسيتم لقاء يومكم هذا إنا نسيناكم أي تركناكم

“He said: ﴾Yes.﴿ I said: ﴾And you are personally present with them? ﴿ He said: ﴾Yes and to me all of this world, which God made serviceable and accessible to me, is merely like a silver piece in the hand of a man, who turns it, as he pleases and there is no home in this world, except that I enter it five times every day and when the inhabitants of a dwelling weep over their deceased, I say: Do not weep for him, for I will come to you again and again until not one of you remains. ﴿ Then the Messenger of God (s.) said: ﴾Death is a tragedy enough, O Gabriel.﴿ Then Gabriel said: ﴾Only what comes after death is more tragic and considerable.﴿ And to His statement ﴾If We had willed, We would have given every soul its guidance. ﴿ (32:13) He said: ﴾If We had willed to make them all infallible, We would have had the power to do so.﴿ And with His statement ﴾So now taste for that for which you have forgotten the meeting of this your day. We have forgotten you.﴿ (32:14) by which is meant: ﴾We have turned away from you.﴿” [Tafsir-ul-Qumi, Volume 3, page 802]

نحن ذاكرون ومخبرون بما ينتهى الينا ورواه مشايخنا وثقاتنا عن الذين فرض الله طاعتهم وأوجب ولايتهم ولا يقبل عمل الا بهم وهم الذين وصفهم الله تبارك وتعالى وفرض سؤالهم والاخذ منهم فقال فاسألوا أهل الذكر ان كنتم لا تعلمون فعلمهم عن رسول الله

,,We mention and report that, what has reached us and what our teachers and the trustworthy ones (thiqah) have narrated, from those whom God made their obedience and closeness as obligatory and whose deeds are not accepted, except through them, who are those, whom God described and whom he obligated to ask and take from them, so that he said: ﴾Ask the people of the reminder, if you do not know﴿ (21:7) Thus their knowledge comes from the messenger of God (s).” [Tafsir-ul-Qumi, Volume 1, page 22]

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