Abdullah Al-Junbulani on the call to prayer and the call to raise

Abdullah Al-Jannan Al-Junbulani writes:

سُـئِـلَ الْـعَـالِـمُ عَـنْ قَـوْلِ: لَا إِلَٰـهَ إِلَّا الـلَّٰـهُ وَعَـنْ کُـلِّ مَـنْ يَـقُـولُـهَـا فَـقَـالَ
إِذَا کَـانَ يَـقُـومُ يَـوْمُ الْـقِـيَـامَـةِ فَـالَّـذِيـنَ لَـيْـسَ هُـمْ مِـنْ أَهْـلِـهَـا سُـلِـبَ مِـنْـهُـمْ لَا إِلَٰـهَ إِلَّا الـلَّٰـهُ وَإِنَّـهُ لَا يَـقُـولُـهَـا إِلَّا مَـنْ هُـوَ مِـنْ أَهْـلِـهَـا

,,Someone questioned the knowledgeable (a.) about the statement ﴾there is no god but God﴿ and anyone, who effects it, whereupon he said: ﴾When the Day of Resurrection (Qiyamah) arrives, then ,,there is no god but God” will be taken away from those, who are not worthy of it and no one will say it except the one who is worthy of it.﴿” [Idah-ul-Misbah, page 44]


وَأَمَّـا الْـوِلَايَـةُ فَـمَـقْـرُونَـةٌ بِـالـشَّـهَـادَةِ وَلَا تُـقْـبَـلُ الـشَّـهَـادَةُ إِلَّا بِـالْـوِلَايَـةِ وَذَٰلِـکَ قَـوْلُ الـرِّضَـا مِـنْـهُ الـرَّحْـمَـةُبِـشُـرُوطِـهَـا وَأَنَـا مِـنْ شُـرُوطِـهَـا

,,As for the leadership (Wilayah), it is attached to the testimony and the testimony (Shahadah) will not be accepted except with the leadership (Wilayah) and that is the statement of Ar-Rida (a.): ﴾With its conditions and I am one of its conditions.﴿” [Idah-ul-Misbah, page 45]

وَأَمَّـا الْأَذَانُ وَالْإِقَـامَـةُ مِـنْـهَـا خَـمْـسٌ وَثَـلَاثُـونَ کَـلِـمَـةً ثَـمَـانِـيَ عَـشْـرَةَ کَـلِـمَـةً لِـلْأَذَانِ وَسَـبْـعَ عَـشْـرَةَ لِـلْإِقَـامَـةِ

,,As for the Call to Prayer (Adhan) and Call to Raise (Iqamah), they include thirty-five statements. The call to prayer has eighteen statements and the call to raising has seventeen.” [Idah-ul-Misbah, page 46]

وَالَّـذِي يَـقُـولُـهُ بَـعْـضُ الـشِّـيـعَـةِ فِـي الْأَذَانِ أَنَّ مُـحَـمَّـدًا أَوْ عَـلِـيًّـا خَـيْـرُ الْـبَـشَـرِ وَقَـوْلُـهُـمْ مُـحَـمَّـدٌ خَـيْـرُ الْـبَـشَـرِ وَعَـلِـيٌّ خَـيْـرُ الْـبَـرِّيَّـةِ وَلَـيْـسَ ذَٰلِـکَ مِـنْ الْأَذَانِ وَالْإِقَـامَـةِ الَّـذِي تَـقُـولُـهُ الْـحَـشَـوِيَّـةُ لَـعَـنَـهُـمُ الـلَّٰـهُ

,,That, which some Shiites say in the call to prayer and that is, that Muhammad (s.) or Ali (a.) are the best people and their statement ﴾Muhammad is the best person﴿ and ﴾Ali is the best creature﴿, which is not part of the call to prayer, is what the Hashawites say, may God curse them.” [Idah-ul-Misbah, page 46]

وَقَـوْلُـهُـمُ الـصَّـلَاةُ خَـيْـرٌ مِّـنَ الـنَّـوْمِ يَـدُعـونَـهُ بَـدَلًا مِّـمَّـا قَـلَـعُـوهُ مِـنَ الْأَذَانِ وَالْإِقَـامَـةِ حَـيَّ عَـلَـى خَـيْـرِ الْـعَـمَـلِ فَـقَـدْ جَـعَـلُـوا مَـکَـانَـهَـا الـصَّـلَاةُ خَـيْـرٌ مِّـنَ الـنَّـوْمِ وَقَـدْ قَـالَ أَمِـيـرُ الْـمُـؤْمِـنِـيـنَوَالـلَّٰـهِ مَـا أَخْـرَجُـوا مِـنْـهَـا إِلَّا بِـقَـلْـبِـهَـا إِنِّـي أَنَـا الـصَّـلَاةُ وَهُـمُ الـنَّـوْمُ

,,And their statement ﴾prayer is better than sleep﴿, which they call instead of what they took out of the call to prayer (Adhan) and raising call (Iqamah) and that is: ﴾On to the best of deeds.﴿ So they replaced it with ﴾prayer is better than sleep﴿ and the Commander of the Believers (a.) said: ﴾By God, they did not remove it from that except with its reversal. I am the prayer and they are the sleep.﴿” [Idah-ul-Misbah, page 46 – 47]

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